Care Guide

  We have produced the care guide below for your reference in order to help assure that the leather pouf you purchased from us continues to look its best.

Is my leather pouffe ethically made?

The craftspeople at Leathermade ltd. use fair trade methods to create their authentic Moroccan leather pouffes. This indicates that the production method is open and moral, and the artisans who make our pouffes receive a fair remuneration for their labor. Fair trade methods foster economic sustainability and assist local communities.

How To Clean Your Pouffe?

We recommend removing spills and stains on your pouffe with a dry or slightly damp towel. Reduce the amount of water you use and stay away from soaps, polishes, and cleaning supplies. If a cleaning is required, use one made especially for leather. When properly cared for, leather ages gracefully and gets softer and more supple over time.

What if my pouffe starts to flatten?

No issue, just unzip the rear and work your way inward from the borders to avoid lumps when adding a little extra stuffing.

How should I care for my leather pouffe?

Our LeatherMade pouffe is painstakingly made from 100% leather piece-work by extremely talented Moroccan artisans.

We recommend using a tiny amount of leather furniture cream once a month to preserve the longevity and quality of your pouffe. This procedure makes it possible to spot-clean any potential dirt or stains while maintaining the softness and suppleness of the leather. You may easily get leather cream online or at your neighborhood furniture store.

Will the strong leather smell last?

Compared to leather tanned using contemporary factory procedures, leather tanned using conventional methods has a stronger aroma since they use organic, natural substances to treat the leather. Rest assured that this unique, leathery smell is very fleeting and will eventually fade naturally.